The Expanse Season 3: What To Expect

giphy-5169565 You shouldn’t either – Season 3 of The Expanse comes out in early 2018

The Expanse has been labeled as one of the most politically relevant science fiction television shows in years and fans were overjoyed when a third season was announced. With a year to wait until the third season drops, and all the books available to download or in bookstores, you have no excuses if you are desperate to know what’s going to go down in the third season. Whilst we might not have any firm details about what will feature in the third season and what will be left out, we can look closely at the book for a good idea of what to expect.


Despite the fact that The Expanse novels are wonderfully written, we totally understand that not all of us have the time or the patience to sit and read long books. So, we decided to read it for you and give you an idea as to what you can expect to see in the third season.


The first and second season stuck fairly closely to the plot of the first few books, Leviathan Wakes and Caliban’s War, which logically means that the third season should follow the third book, Abaddon’s Gate. So what can we expect from the next installment? What awesome new characters will be saving humanity? And will Amos take his shirt off again?

tenor-3301679 Naomi Nagata will continue to break stuff

So during the course of season 2, Julie Mao and Miller had crashed the protomolecule into Venus, where it started to develop into, well, something unnatural. In season 3 we will see that something develop, eventually, into a gate and position itself beyond the orbit of Uranus. Humanity launches expeditions to explore the gate and where it might lead, with Earth, mars and the OPA all sending fleets to explore the new phenomenon. Holden is warned by a connection to Miller’s presence to stay away from the gate, but the powers that be have other ideas.

giphy-1165598 The crew of the Rocinante will be in the thick of it

Julie Mao’s sister, Clarissa, is a girl with a massive grudge against James Holden. She goes to great lengths to sabotage and destroy his world, by hacking into the Rocinante and transmitting a fake message saying he’d claimed the gate for the OPA. Rather than engage in fighting with the UN or the Martians, Holden slams on the accelerator and jumps through the gate, Stargate style.


Whilst she doesn’t feature in the books again until the fifth installment, I am still hoping to meet Drummer again, Fred Johnson’s second-in-command. We do meet the third-in-command, Bull, who is a pretty smart chap by all accounts.


Review from Publishers Weekly:

Corey perfectly balances character development with action and uses shifts in point of view to keep the large cast intimate. Politics, philosophical ideas, and humor mingle in a tale that will shock and surprise. New readers should start with book one; series fans will find this installment the best yet.

The Future

So in a very small nutshell, the Rocinante travels through the alien gate created by the protomolecule and finds other habitable worlds. The governments of the solar system decide to explore, harvest and list the new worlds. We meet exciting new characters in new locations, fall in love with old ones and the only constant throughout the story is the political chaos that keeps the tension steady.

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