Star Trek Discovery: Trailer And Release Date Imminent

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Never has a show seen such a rollercoaster journey without having so much as a trailer released. This week should see the team behind Star Trek Discovery start to get the ball rolling, at least on the publicity front, with an expected release date and a possible trailer at the CBS annual presentation.

CBS host their annual ‘Upfront presentation’ to affiliates and advertisers and are expected to reveal critical information about the show.

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CBS will be revealing their autumn schedule to eager journalists and advertisers, and will certainly raise a few eyebrows if Star Trek Discovery is not included in the list. They may just mention the show, but many in the industry think that they will go one step further and release a trailer to the world.

The production has been filming for some months now, and they certainly should have more than enough material to piece together enough to keep Star Trek fans interested.

The main show kicks off at 16:00 Eastern Time, Wednesday 17th May, so you can expect to see any updates shortly after this.

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bc4b380088532f27-img_4538-4495872 Clare McConnell – Set to star as a Klingon leader

CBS are also revealing their lineup which should include:

“The Big Bang Theory” spinoff “Sheldon,” which received a straight-to-series order and is a near lock to air in the coveted time slot following its parent show. And with CBS under continued criticism for its poor on-screen diversity record, “Brothered Up,” a cop comedy starring D.L. Hughley and Adhir Kalyan that performed well in test screenings, could fill a need beyond ratings concerns. In dramas, the network is searching for a buzz-generating hit that would redefine a well-worn genre the way series such as “CSI” and “The Good Wife” did for criminal and legal procedurals. “Bull” was last season’s most watched drama among total viewers.”

Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan also got tongues wagging recently with a nice Tweet to Star Trek fans. He said that he has been contacted regularly by fans requesting info, and that he understands information is pretty thin on the ground; but that will soon change.

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However, the ever-cheerful CBS Interactive president, Marc DeBevoise, couldn’t comment on whether Discovery would be announced during the Upfront presentation:

Do you think that you might make some announcements tied to the CBS Upfront presentation in May?

I can’t comment on what we’re going to announce at this point.

Will All Access be part of the CBS presentation?

We go to the Upfront as one company. I won’t be standing on the stage, personally. But we’ll be there.

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