Star Trek Discovery Helmswoman Revealed

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The helmswoman, or conn officer, is the member of the bridge with their foot on the gas. They will, undoubtedly from time to time, be called upon to navigate the ship through asteroid fields and go to warp in order to flee danger.


Although many Star Trek fans are getting anxious when it comes to Star Trek Discovery, I for one am excited about it. Although Bryan Fuller left the series, he is still involved with the production in an advisory capacity and I can’t imagine he will let anything happen to the show. Yes there are delays and a pre-summer debut looks less and less likely every day, especially as they haven’t given us a new date yet, but hell, Elon Musk is always delayed, on everything, and Elon Musk is awesome. Good things come to those who wait.

Emily Coutts comes with a wealth of acting experience, although nothing quite as well known as Star Trek.  Her filmography lists several short films and television appearances such as Barn Wedding, Crimson Peak and Dark Matter with Star Trek listed at the top.

CBS have not made an official announcement yet, but they also didn’t deny anything and Emily’s agent has has had his phone turned off all day. I will, of course, add any updates should they appear.


The role is a crucial one amongst the bridge officers, with George Takei as Sulu playing perhaps one of the most memorable conn officers for Star Trek fans. Others to have been in this position before include Miles O’Brien, Data, Wesley Crusher, Geordi LaForge, Tom Paris and Ensign Mayweather. Many others were in the position for single episodes or small parts, but the main actors all brought something different to the role. It will be extremely interesting to see how Emily Coutts performs in this position.

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