5 Reasons Broccoli Will Change Your Life In 2017

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I just want to start by saying that broccoli usually isn’t my thing. I usually like to write about unusual exoplanets or daring space missions, but my ‘significant other’ has persuaded me to try and get healthy in the New Year and I decided to do some science stuff on broccoli. I’ve always known that broccoli is super healthy, despite not knowing exactly why, and unfortunately for me I’ve always hated the stuff.

Superfood is a strong word. A superfood must be pretty-darn-super to justify that name, but scientists reckon that broccoli wholly deserves it. The phenolic compounds contained in broccoli can help combat the risk of everything from heart disease to cancer, claim the experts at the University of Illinois who seem to have spent far too much time studying broccoli. I have big plans for the next year and I want to be in good shape to see them through. After looking at the evidence, it’s a total no-brainer that we should all be eating more of the green stuff. Here are some more reasons to enjoy broccoli on a regular basis in the New Year.


When everything is going fine, we don’t really pay much attention to the health of our joints. As soon as they get a bit creaky, the whole world knows about it. Before your joints start to creak, increase your broccoli intake as the compounds contained in a green friend can help to strengthen cartilage and prevent arthritis. The University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, found in tests that broccoli contains sulforaphane, which is apparently super for your joints.


More and more of us live in the big city these days and that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. One of the big problems in the big city is smog and pollution. Whilst we are getting better at cutting back on emissions, bigger cities can still be fairly nasty places to walk around in. But fear not; broccoli is at hand! A recent study by the Chinese found that – wait for it – broccoli infused tea can increase the rate of removal of benzene and acrolein, a big toxic byproduct of air pollution. If you don’t fancy broccoli tea, you can have it any other way, but apparently the tea is pretty good; although I think I will be sticking to Earl Grey in the long run.


I don’t mean eat a broccoli curry in the bedroom, I mean, you know, the other stuff.. Hanky-panky.. It is a well-known fact, and common sense really, that a healthier body will equal a healthier sex life. Recent research published in the wonderfully-named ‘Fertility and Sterility journal’ states that eating broccoli can give stronger orgasms and improved fertility. So think about your partner when cooking, and get that broccoli on the plate!

Why? Because Fuck Cancer. Seriously. We have all lost loved ones to cancer and it can be absolutely, heartbreakingly soul-destroying. So if there is something we can do to cut the risk then we should do it right? Not only for ourselves, but we owe it to our loved ones. A study found that men who ate green veg 3 times per day cut their risk of prostate cancer by 41%. The experts in Illinois found that broccoli has some of the meanest cancer fighting compounds of all the green vegetables, so get them inside of you and increase your risk of living a long and happy life.

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I think I have been holding onto Christmas weight for about 5 years now and it just won’t shift. I am told that broccoli will help me to get rid of the excess pounds as it has a huge amount of fiber. Those boffs at Illinois also worked out that if you are calorie counting, each head of broccoli gives you an extra 90 calories free, because of the awesome fat-busting qualities of broccoli. That doesn’t mean you can have a McDonalds if you eat a whole box of broccoli, but you can sneak a biscuit in with your tea.

So there you have it; 5 reasons to increase your broccoli intake. It’s a win-win situation as you will feel better, look better and be better. Now I just need to find a way to make broccoli taste like a Big Mac and I will be the healthiest man on the planet.

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