Lawfully Wedded Robots – Robot Marriages Are Coming

The British legal system may soon bend the rules in order to allow humans to marry robots.

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Top academics in the UK have claimed that within 30 years, humans will be legally allowed to marry robots and the marriages will be recognized by the state. Next year will see the first ‘sex-robots’ available to the public and some have claimed this will be a catalyst for our acceptance of AI as life.

Dr David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, thinks that legislation will have to adapt to our changing relationships with technology and that the changes will come quicker than expected.

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“As more and more people come to accept the concept of love and sex with robots, society as a whole will come to develop laws to govern human robot relationships. Restrictions that prevented Angela Vogel from obtaining a legal marriage license in Seattle will begin to fall by the wayside just as laws preventing interracial marriage did in the 1960s and same sex marriage during did in the past decade.”

It does make sense when you look at it like this. If we can create artificial intelligence that is smart enough to act freely, think independently and make choices then why shouldn’t we change our own perceptions to match. Half a century ago, some people, whom we would now consider archaic, would have been outraged to hear that 2 people of the same sex were marrying; now it happens on a daily basis. Dr Levy continues to say that religion is probably the only obstacle in the way.

“Religion is the reason to oppose same-sex marriage but not human-robot marriage. The bible does not say that you cannot marry robots”

This has prompted some backlash from the Christian community who accused Dr Levy of misinterpreting Christianity. One priest said that relationships are not the same as computer programs. People have married and attempted to marry under strange circumstances before. In 2012, a woman in Seattle, Angela Vogel, was granted a license to marry a business, as odd as that seems. The license was later voided after much press attention and religious outrage.

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If we think of the history pornography and also technology, we can see that each generation wants more and more realistic interaction. Gone are the days of pornography magazines which have been rapidly replaced by online sites that offer an unimaginable range of material. Now we talk about 3D pornography becoming the norm over the next few years and then perhaps robots and then who knows.

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Dr Levy also explained what would be need from a robot to marry a human; decision making ability, consent and understanding. These things are out of reach at the minute for AI experts, but will be developed in the very near future.

Would you go to a robot-human wedding? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook.


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