Star Trek Discovery: New Klingon Leader Set To Stun

The Klingons have a saying; ‘bISeH’eghlaH’be’chugh latlh Dara’laH’be’ which roughly translates to ‘If you cannot control yourself, you cannot command others.’

Clare McConnell, from Calgary, will do well to heed this advice after landing a role as the Klingon leader, Dennas, in the upcoming Star Trek Discovery series.

The production of Star Trek Discovery has reportedly been going through some rough times of late, with production delays and the writers’ strike causing uncertainty amongst fans and people involved in the project. With everything about the show very secretive, and very little getting through to the media, some have prematurely speculated on the downfall of the show.

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But the production and filming is steaming ahead, and new cast members are being revealed once in a while. McConnell revealed that she was extremely pleased to get the good news, receiving the green light shortly after her audition. She said that she hadn’t learnt any Klingon prior to the audition, but her background in improv certainly helped. She got the good news back in December last year, but was asked to keep it to herself until the official announcement.

“I’m very excited. I’ve known since December, so I’ve been hiding it from all my friends,” McConnell exclaimed.

Although she might look more like this:

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Than this:


Whilst many fans have been worrying about the show and how CBS will bring Star Trek to a new generation of fans, McConnell isn’t too concerned as she believes the new crop of actors are doing everything they can to make the show their own.

“Each series is such a classic thing, but also such an innovative thing,” she explained. “The actors have really been encouraged to make it their own. I’ve even been encouraged to make the Klingon language my own.”


From Clare’s website:

I’m an actor based in Toronto. I perform sketch and improv regularly in venues across the city. My first role in a feature film was in Dim the Fluorescents, a comedy that won the Grand Jury prize at the 2017 Slamdance Festival. I was recently cast as Klingon leader Dennas in the upcoming CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery.

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The latest update on the show is that CBS CEO, Les Moonves, thinks the show will be ready by Fall this year.

“We have Star Trek [Discovery] coming in the beginning of the fall. It’s going extremely well.”

What do you think? Will Clare make a good Klingon? What do you think she will look like? Let us know on Facebook


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