5 Science Fiction Crossovers I’d Love To See


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As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually best to steer clear of television crossovers. Hypothetically speaking, though, I was thinking of a few scenarios that I’d like to see involving characters from my favorite science fiction shows. If I did a bigger list I’d include characters from The Expanse, Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5 and others, but I thought I’d make a short list and keep it confined to Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. Knowing the internet, I’m probably going to get a lot of stick for this but please remember that it’s purely food-for –thought:

1. Mirror Dr Phlox (ENT) – Darth Vader’s personal physician (SW)


It must have taken some pretty skilled and patient physicians to help Anakin Skywalker recover and become Darth Vader. Step forward Mirror Dr Phlox from Enterprise, who turned from one of, in my opinion, the best doctors in Star Trek history to someone who took pleasure in causing pain. Whilst Enterprise had its faults, at least most Star Trek fans can say the mirror episodes were some of the best. All of the characters in the Enterprise Mirror Universe became instantly memorable as we’d never seen them in this way. Phlox stood out for me as Mirror Phlox was a far cry from the patient, extravagant and kind doctor we were used to. I believe he would make a brilliantly disturbed doctor to help Vader with his obvious psychological and physical issues.

2. Princess Leia (SW) – Will Riker’s love interest (TNG)


This one seemed obvious to me. No.2 is on the bridge when they get a distress call from a badly damaged freighter fleeing a larger ship. The enemy ship is no match for the Enterprise E’s advanced shielding and weapons so it withdraws to get the rest of its fleet. Captain Picard then agrees to bring the passengers and droids aboard as their life support is failing, not knowing who he has in the cargo bay. Data might make a friend or 2, but I’d most like to see the look on Riker’s face when he spots Princess Leia from across the hangar and then introduces himself. She begs them to leave the system as they are in grave danger; he takes her hand and tells her that he and the Federation will do everything it can to help her. Star Wars Episode 9 will pay tribute to the late Carrie Fisher who tragically passed away last year, and whilst they wouldn’t ever dream of tarnishing her legacy with a CGI crossover, it might have been fun back-in-the-day to have the actors work together.

3. Shran (ENT) – Bounty Hunter Chasing Han Solo (SW)


The lovable rogue, Han Solo, had some pretty formidable killers after him, but we never saw an Andorian in the mix. Solo managed to avoid most of them until Lando Calrissian gave them away to save his city, but I have a feeling that Shran might have been a tougher opponent than even Boba Fett managed to be. I can imagine Shran throwing the pathetic ‘pinkskin’ to Jabba the Hutt and drinking Andorian ale to celebrate; although that wouldn’t have made for much of a trilogy to be fair.

4. William “Bill” Adama (BSG) – Rebel Alliance Commander (SW)


Of all the Battlestar Galactica reboot heroes that I saw, Adama was the one who I liked the most. Maybe it was his calming voice, maybe it was his dedication to duty, his stern and thoughtful look, but whatever the case; he never gave in to those pesky Cylons; well not until the plot got muddled in any case. He was calm and calculated under pressure, knowing when to fight and when to flee, which I think would make him perfect as a Rebel Alliance Commander. He had the skills to read a battlefield, and could use antiquated fighters to the best of their ability; he’d make a great Rebel.

5. Kara Thrace (BSG) – DS9 crew, friend of Kira Nerys


I always saw Kara Thrace as a Major Kira Nerys kind of character and I think those guys would have had a better friendship than the Bashir and Miles O’Brien bromance that occurred over several seasons of DS9. I imagine Kara as a battle-scarred Bajoran who’d fought more Cardassian’s than she could remember. She was gutsy, brave and liked to have fun; which I think made her a grittier, darker version of Major Kira. Plus, I always had a huge, not-so-secret, crush on her.

Other Possibilities that i thought might be fun:


Saul Berenson in The Expanse


Naomi Nagata in Enterprise


Scorpio working for The Empire


Alex Kamal piloting Enterprise

What do you think? Which crossovers would you like to see? Let me know on Facebook!

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