NASA Pays Tribute To Female Heroes With Awesome Lego Sets

Struggling for Christmas gift ideas for space fans? How about NASA inspired Lego creations celebrating the female heroes of NASA?

Nancy G. Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison are all immortalized with their very own, inch high figures available from November 1st.


Maia Weinstock submitted the Women of NASA Lego idea to Lego HQ some time ago we now have our first look of the final products as they are about to go on sale, just in time for Christmas presents.

The figures include Margaret Hamilton, who developed flight software for the NASA Apollo missions, in an era where computing was just getting started, allowing us to land on the Moon. Sally Ride was the first woman in space, as she flew in the space shuttle in 1983. Nancy G. Roman was a fundamental part of the Hubble project and helped make the Hubble Space Telescope a reality, which gave us some of the most incredible views of the universe ever seen by human eyes. Mae Jemison, who became the first African-American woman in space is also immortalized, who Star Trek fans might also remember as the first actual astronaut to star in the show.


One star that many will feel deserve a Lego figure is Katherine Johnson, who was earlier in the year, ironically enough,  depicted in the Hollywood movie ‘Hidden Figures’ but she is absent from the lineup. Johnson was a major part of the Mercury and Apollo missions, helping to bring NASA into the computing age having taught herself and her team of mathematicians computer programming. She was in Maia Weinstock’s original idea but Lego could not get the required approval in time.

Image result for katherine johnson

“In order for us to move forward with a partner we need to obtain approval from all key people, which was not possible in this case. We naturally fully respect this decision.”

Image result for mae jemison

A Hubble Space Telescope and Space Shuttle replica are also available, and will be on sale in toy stores and online from November 1st.

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