1922: The Best Stephen King Adaptation Of The Year

With Halloween just around the corner, check out 1922 the latest Stephen King adaptation starring Thomas Jane from The Expanse.

Just why are Stephen King adaptations so popular? This year alone we’ve had IT, The Dark Tower, Mr. Mercedes and Gerald’s Game scarring us in cinemas and in our homes, and now we have another deeply disturbing movie coming to Netflix. 1922 comes along this Friday and stars Thomas Jane from The Expanse as a farmer in rural Nebraska called Wilfred James, desperately trying to hold on to his land as the powers that be try to wrestle them from him.

His wife then inherits a large area of land and hopes to sell it for a profit, using the funds to move to the city and start a new life. James doesn’t quite agree with this direction and his drastic solution is to team up with his son and murder her. They bury the body hope that is that, but it wouldn’t have made for much of a story if it was. James soon becomes convinced that his wife is haunting him.

Without wanting to give any more details away, the show gets gory as James is ravaged by the guilt of murdering his wife and his life starts to unravel in a very Stephen King-esque way. Stephen king wrote the 131-page novella of the same name as a short story and its beauty can be seen in its simplicity. It isn’t overly ambitious but it does evoke some harsh emotions throughout.

The cast perform well throughout, with Thomas Jane stealing the show in a gritty and authentic performance. Dylan Schmid plays Henry, his son and accomplice, and House of Cards’ Molly Parker is Arlette, the unfortunate wife who comes back with vengeance in her heart. Molly Parker was unforgettable as Congresswoman Jacqueline Sharp in House of Cards, a performance with rightfully earned her an Emmy nomination. She is equally prolific in 1922 and makes for a terrific woman scorned.

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Each Stephen King adaptation is unique, such is the contrast in how the different directors, producers and actors see the vision of Kings writing. Despite a big budget and stellar cast, The Dark Tower flopped miserably after they tried to pack an eight-novel universe into a single movie; it would have been better for television. 1922 has a simple but bold premise and the actors make it a harrowing movie to watch. Zak Hilditch directed 1922 and has does done a sterling job.

Well worth a watch this Halloween.

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