The Expanse – Future Characters And Who Could Play Them Onscreen

A quick and very brief look at some of the characters from the Expanse books, and what I imagine they could look like should they make it onscreen.

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Spoiler Warning – Although that should probably be evident from the title..

This article is certainly for the Expanse book readers, and possibly for those who love spoilers. I’ll try to leave as much out as possible, but you will definitely get an idea of some of the characters you will find in later books, and possibly the television show, should it make it that far.

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Concept Art for the show

Should The Expanse television series successfully navigate the next few years as a show and continue to gain new fans and positive reviews, fans are going to meet some really gnarly characters on all sides of the Expanse political pendulum. To give you a super-brief idea of what is going to happen, I will say that Earthers, Martians and the OPA will be drawn into a system-wide conflict that had been threatening to emerge since the very beginning. Whilst the conflict will claim many lives on all sides of the war, we will meet some fantastically written characters who will have an enormous impact on the fate universe, for better or worse.

Marco Inaros

To put it bluntly, Marco Inaros is an absolute monster. A charming, yet rather psychotic megalomaniac, hell-bent on the destruction of the Earth and everything it stands for. I won’t go into details about how he attempts to achieve this, but it does involve a personal relationship with one of the crew of the Rocinante, which does have an impact on the direction of his movement. Marco is the kind of person who can lose a battle and then convince everybody, everybody that matters anyway, that he actually won and it was all part of his glorious plan. An emphatic and charismatic leader and speaker, Inaros oozes supreme confidence and needs a massive presence to pull it off.

“Anyway, that’s not what I meant when I said Marco decides when he wins. You don’t understand how slippery he can be. Whatever happens, he’ll shift so it was his plan all along. If he were the last person alive, he’d say we needed the apocalypse and declare victory. It’s what he is.” – Naomi Nagata

Suggested actors:

Henry Ian Cusick – The 100

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Joseph Fiennes – The Handmaids Tale

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David Tennant – Doctor Who

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Michio Pa

According to the excellent storytellers behind the Expanse series, relationships and marriage will look a little different in a few centuries. The fundamental idea about love and marriage will remain, but will no longer be reserved for couples. Groups will wed and spend their years together as marriage groups and undoubtedly go through the same trials and tribulations as married couples had for centuries before, perhaps with a few different dynamics.

The enigmatic Michio Pa is part of a marriage group, but her group also operate the ship she captains, which could add to the possible tension. Fortunately she is an assured and competent captain and her lovers know where the boundary between captain and wife, begins and ends. Her actions will have a profound effect on the universe and help to give hope where many thought there was none.

Her allegiances may have shifted back and forth throughout the book in terms of who she leads her ship to follow, but her motives have always been to serve the Belt. Once a pirate captain, Michio Pa becomes a Robin Hood figure when she starts to plunder from the rich to provide for Belters who inevitably feel the ill effects of war the hardest.

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Suggested actors:

Melissa McBride – Walking Dead

Image result for melissa mcbride

Constance Wu – Fresh Off The Boat

Lena Headey – Game of Thrones

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Filip Inaros

Filip Inaros is the son or Marco Inaros and has a pretty rough childhood. He is raised a proud Belter and lives his early years on ships and stations with his father. Filip’s father teachers him how to be a good Belter, how to care for others Belters, that his mother abandoned him and that Earth should be destroyed. Filip is a pretty mixed up kid with some nasty characters guiding him as he grows older. Will Filip have enough moral fiber in him to realize what is right from wrong and make a stand before it’s too late? Read the last few books and you might find that out.

I first imaged Filip to be a character similar to Anakin Skywalker in the second and third Star Wars movies, especially after he takes a turn to the dark side. Filip isn’t innocent of committing atrocities, and will have to atone for his sins one day. Filip was lured and molded by the dark side, just as Anakin was, but the dark side in the Expanse turns out to be Marco.

Suggested actors:

Devon Bostick – The 100

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Isaac Hempstead Wright – Game of thrones

Image result for isaac hempstead wright

David Mazouz – Gotham

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2 Replies to “The Expanse – Future Characters And Who Could Play Them Onscreen”

  1. C’mon on, now. All three of those should be people of color – especially Michio Pa and Filip, who is Naomi’s son. I’m kind of hoping they give all of Michio’s role to the Drummer character though – because Cara Gee is great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly what the previous commenter said – Filip should definitely be biracial.


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