5 Answers We Should Get From Season 3 Of The Expanse

It seems like an age ago that season 2 of the Expanse finished, and we still have some months before season 3 hits our screens. Here’s what we can hope to learn from the third season.

No Spoilers included – Only Opinions!

  1. What is the Protomolecule doing on Venus?

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So Miller persuaded Julie Mao to crash the protomolecule into the surface of Venus, and Earth and Mars immediately decided to investigate, knowing the significance of what might be down there. The UN sent the UNN Arboghast, which covertly took readings and did some investigation before travelling too close and momentarily becoming disaggregated, before all hands are lost. We are destined to find out early on what is happening on Venus, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the crew of the Rocinante will be getting involved at some point; probably sponsored by Fred Johnson of the OPA.

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  1. Will Bobbie Draper join the crew of the Rocinante?

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If you haven’t read the books, you might think that Bobbie Draper and the crew of the Roci are destined to join forces at some point in this intergalactic game of chess. It certainly looks as though the third season might see Naomi, Holden, Amos and Alex join forces with Bobbie in trying to stop the protomolecule from destroying the solar system. At the end of season 2, Bobbie is employed by the charismatic Chrisjen Avasarala, and Avasarala would foolish not to use Bobbie’s skills to her advantage. Avasarala is a charismatic, wily politician who knows exactly how to get what she wants, and she’ll do whatever she needs to do to save the Earth from any potential danger.

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  1. Are Mars and Earth heading for war?

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The MCRN and the UN have been at each other’s throats for the first few seasons and I doubt that will change much in the third; especially not now everybody has more of a clue about what is going on and the significance of the protomolecule. Bobbie Draper might not be working for the Martian Marine Corps anymore and they did lose the Donnager, but they still have some highly advanced ships and their marines are extremely focused. The fate of Earth and Mars, and even the OPA is now in the hands of the protomolecule and whatever comes of it. Whatever is happening on the surface of Venus is destined to change everything.

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  1. Have we seen the last of Miller?

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Miller ended up a hero in the second season, chasing his gut instinct, finding Julie Mao and persuading her to crash the protomolecule into Venus. He couldn’t have physically survived the crash, and he couldn’t survive on Venus unless Julie Mao and the protomolecule are keeping him alive in some form. It could be that the protomolecule, which we know has intelligence, will use Miller for its own gain in the future, knowing Miller’s relationship with Holden and the Rocinante crew.

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  1. Will Amos take his shirt off again?

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I recently did an article about the hottest characters from the first seasons of The Expanse and I received some pretty candid feedback about my choices; namely ‘Where the hell is Amos Burton?’ Wes Chatham was a pretty good casting choice to play Amos, but you really should read The Churn in order to get an understanding of his background and what happened to him to turn him into, well, Amos. I can’t promise he’ll take his shirt off again, but given the positive response from across the sexual spectrum last time he did it, the producers would be mad to keep him fully clothed in the third season.

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