One To Watch: The Discovery

Netflix have assembled an all-star cast for their latest movie, The Discovery, which depicts a world in which the afterlife has been proven to exist.

Robert Redford plays a scientist that discovers the afterlife can be scientifically proven. The movie takes place a year after the discovery and people have started systematically committing suicide. There are plenty of blanks to fill in and the trailer doesn’t give much away, but the premise and the cast is enough to get people excited about this one.

“How can you keep a discovery so vital to our existence a secret?”

“people are just going to keep killing themselves.”

I just watched the 90 second trailer and I am incredibly interested to watch this psychological thriller directed by Charlie McDowell. The movie will be available on Netflix after March 31st.

Collider review:

“There are shades of humor here and there, but this is by and large a very dark kind of sci-fi. Its ultimate message may be one of hope, but the stark photography, sterile production design, and somewhat stoic performances give this thing a significant air of seriousness throughout. The grounded approach to sci-fi is welcome in a landscape filled with four-quadrant, bubble gum blockbusters, and even if the film doesn’t entirely come together as a cohesive piece, its admirable ambition and top-notch craftsmanship make it worthwhile nonetheless.”

Catch the trailer here:

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