Historic SpaceX Flight Scrubbed For 24 Hours

13 seconds before launch, SpaceX have scrubbed the flight for 24 hours as they put safety first after not achieving a consensus on key vector system.

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SpaceX fans will be slightly disappointed to know that the historic launch from pad 39A has been scrubbed for 24 hours. The launch was due for takeoff shortly after 10:00 a.m. EST from the historic and iconic Kennedy Space Center. The pad in question is 39A, which has been used in the past for several important and groundbreaking missions.

The launch was scrubbed 13 seconds before takeoff because the team did not have a consensus on the second stage vector control system. Range has approved the time for tomorrows attempted launch at 09:38:59.

The launch would have marked a new dawn for the Kennedy Space Center as SpaceX would have become the first private company to launch from Launch Complex 39A. Everyone involved in both NASA and SpaceX hope that, eventually, astronauts will be taking off from 39A in SpaceX vehicles.

The signs were positive all day and the weather allowed for the countdown to continue, despite some doubts in the safety systems on board. Weather forecast is good for tomorrow and the team are confident.

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The historic pad used to launch the SpaceX Falcon 9 is 39A, the very same launch pad that was once used to send the crew of the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.

“I’m a little partial to this pad, as all four of my shuttle flights lifted off from here. So, it means a lot to see it in use and not wasting away in the salt air.” Bob Cabana – Former NASA astronaut and current director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The Dragon Spacecraft is now waiting to get on its way to the International Space Station with 2500kg of equipment, supplies and scientific study work. Also included in the manifest is a group of live mice who are undoubtedly going to be a little confused as to what exactly is going on right now. The mice will be involved in experiments to study how healing is affected by gravity.

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Range has approved the time for tomorrows attempted launch at 09:38:59

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