Sorry, Conspiracy Theorists; We Did Go To The Moon – It Was Awesome.

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This Sunday, December 11th, marks 44 years since the last Moon landings. Conspiracy theorists have thought of everything possible to disprove work by NASA. Here are some of the common arguments debunked.

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I made the mistake of talking to a ‘Flat-Earther’ this weekend and he gave me some pretty strange explanations for the way things are in the world. I asked why we don’t fall off the end but he couldn’t answer me. He also explained that it was impossible for us to have gone to the moon and that the landings were definitely a hoax. He’d certainly watched a documentary or 2 because he had all the standard arguments, so I decided to do a little research and try to debunk them once and for all.

Argument 1:

The flag wouldn’t wave on the Moon because there is no atmosphere.

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When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set up the flag for the famous footage, the flag appears to be waving in a non-existent lunar breeze. The flag wouldn’t wave, but then it also would stay completely still. Experts have said that the flag isn’t waving; it’s actually swinging.

They had a lot of trouble actually getting the flagpole upright when they first wanted to take the footage. They went down a few inches into the lunar surface, then hit something pretty solid and couldn’t get the flag to stay upright; it might have no atmosphere, but the moon does have a little bit of gravity. Whilst battling to get the flag upright, they would have disturbed the flag and caused movement that would have very slowly stopped.

“During a pause in experiments, Neil suggested we proceed with the flag. It took both of us to set it up and it was nearly a disaster.” – Buzz Aldrin

Argument 2:

The Moon has no atmosphere; so where are the stars in the photo?

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I am no professional photographer, but I have asked a few astronomer buddies and a few camera enthusiasts who gave me a similar answer. The short answer on this is that it’s all about the focus. The astronauts recorded their experience on different types of cameras, with one being a Hasselblad 500 EL which was attached to their suits. They had to be setup correctly in order for the photos to develop correctly; remember this was almost half a century ago. A lot of training was provided to the astronauts and they took some remarkable shots of the lunar surface in mostly 70mm detail.

It was daytime on the Moon surface when the astronauts were conducting EVA’s; a full day on the Moon actually takes around a month. Every walk on the Moon’s surface, in fact, took place on the side facing the Earth which meant the Sun was in the sky to light everything. So, even though an atmosphere was not present to block out the stars, the cameras would still have been exposed for long periods to a bright landscape. In effect, they wanted to get photos of themselves on the lunar surface, not photos of stars that we could easily see from Earth. If they had wanted to capture the stars in their photos, they would have been able to. But, the surface would have been blurry and this would have defeated the object of going to the Moon. Cameras, especially those in the 1960’s and early 1970’s simply cannot adjust in the same way that our eyes do, and you can test this yourself outside at night

Argument 3:

With no air to scatter light, you shouldn’t be able to see things in the shadows.

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Whilst it’s true that light on Earth is scattered in different directions by the atmosphere, which allows us to see things that aren’t being directly illuminated by the sun, light can still be reflected on the lunar surface. Shadows in space can be seriously dark, but light can still reflect from the lunar surface and therefore, the photos of Buzz coming down the stairs still in fairly good light is not proof of a hoax.

Conspiracy theorists will argue that this is proof of alternative lighting, but it is simply reflections from the surface of the Moon. If you need proof of the Moon’s reflectivity, look up at the sky this evening. It is pretty dark in color, but shines very bright in the sky.

Argument 4:

The shadows were uneven.

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Tin-Foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist will have you believe that uneven shadows mean alternative lighting sources. In fact, many experiments have been conducted and prove that uneven shadows can simply be a result of uneven terrain. The moon has very few flat areas and shadows would be pretty skewered.

Argument 5:

Space radiation would have killed the astronauts.

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Many people talk about the Van Allen Belts without actually knowing anything about the Van Allen Belts. Nobody contests that radiation is an extremely dangerous factor in space exploration. Nobody denies that enough radiation can damage the cells and DNA of an astronaut that is exposed for too long. As we plan 6 month journeys to Mars, this becomes a serious issue. The Apollo astronauts were not on a year-long journey, and spent just around a week at a time in space. Concentrated particles from the Sun, commonly known as the Van Allen Belts were passed through extremely quickly by the Apollo ship.

“The van Allen belts are regions above the Earth’s surface where the Earth’s magnetic field has trapped particles of the solar wind. An unprotected man would indeed get a lethal dose of radiation, if he stayed there long enough. Actually, the spaceship traveled through the belts pretty quickly, getting past them in an hour or so. There simply wasn’t enough time to get a lethal dose, and, as a matter of fact, the metal hull of the spaceship did indeed block most of the radiation.”

Argument 6:

We didn’t have the technology to do it.

This argument doesn’t even have any merit. It is true that we now have smartphones with the same computing power as the Lunar module, but they didn’t necessarily need smart computers to achieve their goals. Their goal was to get an astronaut to the moon, and keep him alive long enough to have a walk around. Thousands of the brightest scientists in the world worked on the project and found ingenious ways to get past the basic problems.

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Argument 7:

Didn’t Stanley Kubrick admit to doing it for NASA?

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“I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, which I am now about to detail, involving the United States government and NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings ALL were faked and that I was the person who filmed it.” – Purportedly what Stanley Kubrick said.

Unfortunately for the hoaxers, the unedited footage was released and it clearly isn’t even Stanley Kubrick. The actor was even called Tom by the interviewer at one point, and coached in what to say.

Argument 8:

So why haven’t we been back?

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This is more of a political question than a scientific one. We went to the Moon in order to win the space race and beat the Soviet Union. But, these efforts cost a huge chunk of cash and the public interest waned after NASA completed its objective. We saw the Moon up close and we conquered it; there was no need to spend billions going back, considering the limited gains. There were no resources on the Moon that we could have harvested at that time.

There are plan to head back to the Moon and conduct further testing, but why risk sending a human when you can send a probe to do the job for you? Within a decade, it is thought that the Moon will be an exotic vacation destination and that the price could be as low as $10,000.


Between 1969 and 1972, 6 Apollo missions landed 12 men on the surface of the Moon. The names were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, James Irwin, John Young, Charles Duke, Eugene Cernan, and Harrison Schmitt.

They left laser range finding equipment that still tells us today, exactly how far away from the Earth the Moon is orbiting. We brought back 800lbs worth of moon rocks which have stood up to geologist’s scrutiny and provided us with more detailed analysis of the makeup of the Moon and how it came to be. We can see from images taken from lunar orbiters that much of the equipment and the rovers are still on the surface; just where we left them.

The Google Lunar X competition, where private groups battle to send a rover to the moon aims to find some of the old equipment by landing in the same area. A group working with Audi is aiming to take pictures of the Lunar Roving Module left by Apollo 17.

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For me, the most compelling evidence is as follows.

Sorry conspiracy theorists; we didn’t fake the Moon landings; we couldn’t have kept it quiet all these years. Some 450,000 people were involved in the Apollo program. If the landings were faked, they would have had to all be in on the scam. Have you ever tried to keep half a million people from revealing a secret? Given the amount of media control you would have had to impose to keep this secret, it would have been easier just to go to the Moon.

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28 Replies to “Sorry, Conspiracy Theorists; We Did Go To The Moon – It Was Awesome.”

  1. I think you should have an editor. “Conspiracy theorists have through of everything possible to disprove work by NASA.” Thought not through!


    1. they showed how you could fake the rover throwing dust into the void on the on earth you need simply to restrain the front tires just enough it still moves foward but the back tires will spin just a little to throw dirt skyward


    2. they made to many moon landings so it wasnt faked for sure


  2. All the disproving of the stuff people make up is one thing but there is something bigger that never gets a mention. The whole thing was not jsut about the science, it was mostly about two gus, Kruschev and Kennedy, competing to see who had the biggest, err, “rocket”. The whole Cold War was about “We can do this better because our political system is superior.” and the Moon race was no different. You mention the 450, 000 Americans involved but there were thoosandws of Soviets keeping a close eye on the whole project, both within America and in listening and tracking stations ‘back home’ in the USSR. They tracked the craft all the way to the Moon and back and listened to every word exchanged between the astronauts and the ground. If there had been the slightest suspiscion that the Americans were ‘up to something fishy’ then it would have handed the USSRthe greatest propoganda victory of the entire Cold War and they said…… nothing. Not a word. They even offered to help in whatever way they could, 8which wasn’t actually very much), when Apollo 13 had its ‘problem’.
    I think that this is the biggest rebutal of all the tin foil hat stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Pete! You are short of a that or a comma in your second paragraph.


  4. Aside from MANY grammatical errors (such as “could get the flag to stay upright” instead of “couldn’t”), this is great!

    I also agree with Peter Cooper, plus the immensely important fact that if it was just a hoax, then how come the USSR never said it was one?


  5. Unnecessarily long-winded about the no-stars-in-the-black-sky part. All you needed to say was the photos were taken in daylight and, at those fast shutter speeds, no stars are going to show, no matter what planet the photographer was standing on.
    As it happens, you *can* take photos of the stars in daylight when standing on the Moon. Just point the camera up at any part of the sky that doesn’t have a bright light source, such as the Sun or Earth, and leave the shutter open long enough.


  6. you can clearly see where the screen is on and in the last picture the moon should cover the whole background as earth is supposedly 6 times bigger


  7. Really? That is the best you can do? You proved nothing by just speaking that it wasn’t a hoax. This proves nothing. I laughed all the way through this article….lol


  8. “Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue” and the United States of America began to explore the wonders of the Mighty Universe.


  9. How the mobile golf cart got on the moon? The lunar module doesn’t have enough space to carry it in there. It proves the whole thing is a fake..


    1. Apollo 14’s “golf cart” and the Lunar Rovers used by the last three missions were carried in a storage bay in the descent stage of the Lunar Modules, which had been upgraded to carry the extra load.
      The Moon landings were real – take it from someone who was there and watched it all happen.
      The people who have tried to denounce the programme as a hoax, for no better reason than trying to make a cheap and nasty buck out of telling cheap and nasty lies about their nation’s greatest achievement, lost all their credibility about three seconds after opening their cheap and nasty mouths.


  10. The Apollo moon landings, faked by the government to gain political advantage at a time when it was not technologically possible to land a man on the moon then bring him home safely


  11. The technology didn’t exist to fake it, easier to go there
    240,000 miles away …
    How many decades can pass, after all, without anyone coming even close to a reenactment before people start to
    catch on? Four obviously haven’t been enough, but how about five, or six, or seven? How about when we hit the
    100-year anniversary? and still haven’t been back to the moon
    Give yourself a shake my friend …


  12. Your lack of imagination and your willingness to accept an easy answer is not unique by any means, which is why the Moon hoaxers find people like you such fertile ground.
    I don’t need to shake myself, Mister Finnerty. I was there when the Moon landings happened and I will always count myself fortunate to have witnessed them.
    Might I ask when you were born? Just the year will do.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. There isn’t anything more upsetting than people claiming it was hoax. It’s the most disrespectful thing to the hundreds of thousands of people who contributed to the one of the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind. That’s just sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Typical NASA fanboy’s rhetoric. You really think 450,000 people were ‘in on it’? I’m sure 99.9% of them were all under the veil of deception as only 3 astronauts supposedly left earth’s orbit. It would make no sense to have everyone in on it. If this is your most compelling evidence then I’m certainly not convinced. The doctored images released by NASA are a joke. It’s sad how many people are taken in with this crap. I’m looking forward to the excuses that will be offered by these Google X teams. Let’s just hope they take some 4K cameras to finally capture a full image of the alleged spherical earth.


  15. You better do more research and take a closer look at the lunar lander, it doesn’t take much to see deception..good day!


      1. All of it…take a real close look at the lunar lander, you really think that got up there?…and I mean a close look…zoom in and honestly tell me that that got there…


  16. luis38pr You still haven’t said anything specific. Can you not believe the Lunar Lander because it doesn’t match your idea of what a spaceship should look like?
    I know it looks strange, but it was a true spaceship; designed to work in space, so it didn’t *have* to look like something out of a Dan Dare comic.


    1. It’s not that doesn’t match my idea, it’s that it can’t match anyone​s common sense driven person that…that thing landed there.. if you’re asking, it means that you’re not looking…


      1. Anonymous I don’t know what you just said, so I’ll just say that, back in 1968-72, I *was* looking, along with the rest of the world. No one who was alive at the time, and was capable of understanding what was happening, had any doubt that the Moon landings programme was real.
        That’s all I have to say: The deniers, who were all born after the Moon landings ended, cannot, by their denial, change what did happen.

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  17. Bruce, “I was there when the Moon landings happened and I will always count myself fortunate to have witnessed them”
    What did you witness pull your head out of your ass sir ……
    1 Had NASA really landed us on the moon, there would be a blast crater underneath the lunar module to mark its landing.
    2 Many objects are shown to be in front of the cross-hairs, including the American flag in one picture and the lunar rover in another.
    3 “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”. No one want’s to admit that they were stupid and gullible enough to be fooled by NASA’s Apollo fairy story …To avoid acute embarrassment and ridicule, for many it is far easier to simply play dumb and go along with it. That is how the hoax has managed to persist for so long, even in the face of a massive wall of irrefutable evidence that NASA successfully pulled off the biggest hoax of the 20th century, if not of all human history”

    ask your self this ……. WHY no film of the greatest journey ever known think about it, don’t say apollo 13 because they didn’t land … so not one film of the great moon landing why because hollywood (disney nasa ) won’t touch it


    1. John F
      No need for your infantile rudeness. My head is in its proper place and my memories of the defining moment in history are real and personal. Were you alive and paying attention at the time of the Moon landings? It doesn’t sound like it. The common thread that pervades posts from people like you is that no one who denounces the Moon landings as a hoax – which were allegedly faked *six* times, remember – was alive at the time, so all their arguments, including yours, are second-hand.

      Instead of taking the easy option of not thinking too hard – or at all – about what really happened, why not took it up? I mean, *really* research the Moon landings – it’s all available – instead of just limiting yourself to a few unoriginal throwaway comments that are copy/pasted from some other hoax believer, who copy/pasted *his* comments from some other nitwit who is incapable of thinking for himself.

      Or would that be just too hard for you to do?


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